Monday, October 01, 2007

Tag - You're It!

I've been tagged by Michelle here goes - I get share with you a relevant fact starting with each letter of my name...then I will tag 4 of you for this!!! Here goes nothing!

M - This one has to be Music/Movies. For as long as I can remember** I have been madly obsessed with both... anyway, I have music on almost all the time - anything from Mozart to Tori Amos to The Refreshments to Del Amitri to my new fave - Ingrid Michaelson - check it out below... and Movies...I own an obscene amount of movies too -classics, modern classics, musicals (duh), romances, horror, suspense..I can't get enough and I love em all! (and I'm almost always game to go catch a new one at the theater...!! No butter on the popcorn please!)

(**which isn't as long as you may think - that is a story for another day...)

A - I love me my lil' animals. No, not bugs - my pets! I love my Tigger! I just cannot imagine coming home and not hearing the pitter patter of four little feet coming to greet me. That's it. Plain and simple! (and yes - I love all other animals too!)

R - Romantic. As in hopeless... Don't get me wrong - I am all over women's lib, emancipation, chivalry that works both ways etc....but I am a sucker for romance. And it really isn't the broad sweeping gestures - it's the little things - a dozen daisies b/c I failed a test (it really happened!), a song dedicated to you on your favorite radio station or even doing someone else's chores because they had a bad day.... I think it's the concept that love can conquer all - and seeing my folks' success over the last 50 years...I know it can...

Y - do I really need to say it?
ok - Yarn. You knew it was coming - right?

It symbolizes my love of all things crafty. Be it drawing, welding sculpture, pottery, playing music, singing, crochet, or scrapbooking...I have done them all...and something artistic at every point in my life...and the yarn is a tie to my grandmother who taught me many, many, many...many moons ago. And for that, I will always remember her and the love she shared with me. When I pick up my sticks, I can kinda remember her teaching me....her patience and how much giggling and fun ensued during the lessons. I also feel closer to her. (and my dad - who she taught when he was a kid).

There you go. That's all f-f-f-folks!

I tag Amy, David, Bezzie and Courtney.... Have fun guys!

BTW - pics later this week of wips (one is BRAND NEW!!! and is all for ME!!!!). AND if you haven't checked out Bezzie's stuff at her ETSY store - check it out! She was quick as can be with shipping - and when there was a damaged item, she resent the part AND a little something else! SHE ROCKS! GO! SHOP!

OH - here is a taste of Ingrid Michaelson! I love her voice!!!! A cross of Suzanne Vega, Lisa Loeb and a hint of Tori in the lyrics... Think Old Navy...sweaters...SHE IS GOING TO BE IN AUSTIN verrry soon!! I feel a road trip in my future.


Courtney said...

I like Ingrid Michaelson too! I love the song Breakable. I'm not sure I'm going to be much fun with this meme. I've been stuck on letter E of the alphabet meme I've been attempting to do for weeks.

Bezzie said...

Oh man, this is going to be hard to top!!!! Ha ha! Thank god I've got a Y in my name too! ;-)

janna said...

Oh, my gosh! I've been wondering about that Old Navy song -- I hum the two lines for the commercial all the time!

I've been tagged for this meme, too, but am having SO much trouble! Two n's and two A's and a j.... I may have to change my name!

Enid said...

Oh very good post. Love that song.

I would go. That sounds like a fun road trip.