Tuesday, June 12, 2007

As promised


What did I do for those 7 months I was not blogging - well - I would love to say I knitted up a whole house full of fo's - using up my...oh shall we say, well-endowed stash?

Alas, that is not the case.

Firstly and foremostly (I know it is not really a word...anyhoo) I remodeled a significant part of a house. My house.

Now some of you may be thinking, hmmm...so you went shopping and got new curtains and dishes, maybe painted a wall or two. NOPE. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Remember those powertools I mentioned in the 'redux' post?

Circular saw. Nail gun. Sledgehammer. Sledge-axe. Crowbar. In my little knittin' hands....Verrry coool!

All demolition was done by yours truly. I LOVE DEMOLITION. I don't care what others may say - forget anti-depressants, forget alcohol or recreational drugs - a bit of demolition helps with anger management, stress reduction or whatever ails you.

DISCLAIMER - I don't recommend anyone start tearing out walls without proper supervision and architectural guidance. I have done this before and know what I am doing. Electricity can be mean - and there are all sorts of stuff in walls - so please don't attempt this on your own. Thus, I absolve myself of any and all liability.

It all started with ripping out the carpet and tackbars.

Then the wall came down. No, it was not a full wall, but a dividing wall - about 1/3 the height of the room. Ripping off the wooden top shelf, pulling the sheetrock off the studs, removing the studs from the foundation ...yummy fun. Leaving only a hole in the main wall and some spare 2x4's and old electrical wiring.

Then came the installation of new flooring. I LOVE WOOD FLOORS. yummy golden-red warm woody goodness underfoot now. yummm.

And no more carpet, one less wall, a trashed sliding door with new wood flooring and french doors being all that remains.

This kept me busy for about 1/2 of my blogger vacation.

More soon!


Amysatx said...

LOVE the wood floors!!! I can can hardly wait until DH gives the go ahead for our house-he insists we can get another year out of our carpet (maybe I'll have to start roller blading on it to make it sooner-hee!!) Everything looks great!!!

Kim said...

The floors look great!