Monday, June 18, 2007

Civic Duty

Ok - so I am odd. I have always enjoyed Jury Duty.


I said it.

A day to do my civic duty. To play my part in dispensing justice. My own little role in local 'Law and Order'.

I cannot be alone in this...can I...?

So imagine my joy as I go through my pile of snail mail and find a beautiful envelope from the Central Jury Bailiff... (names omitted to protect the innocent..and myself) and I am almost giddy - I have lived in my town for almost 7 years and have not gotten any notices. Granted in AZ, I was chosen almost every year.

So I open the envelope and think - YIPEE!!! A day to do my part!

I told my boss about it - mentioned I would bring in the summons and fax it to her in DE, (she is so cool - she emailed me back - hey - I believe you..who else would love this thing) ...(did I ever mention she is a knitter - she knows what you and I are already thinking I will be doing all day)

So I am looking over it tonight to send the info to the office so I won't forget..and I am reading about the hours...the general qualifications, exemptions, the form I have to fill out...where to park, where to show up...

...and there it was.


and I quote...

"For security purposes, all persons entering the Courthouse or Justice Center must pass through metal detectors and may be subject to a personal search..."

my heart starts to pound...loyal readers - you know what is coming next...don't you? You know why I love my civic duty so much, don't you? it comes...

" pocket knives.." yeah, those can be really dangerous. someone could get stabbed...vicious fights could start...right?

here it the same sentence...sit down if you are feint of heart...

"..[no]..knitting needles, embroidery needles etc., will be permitted in the Courthouse. You may bring reading and writing materials."

How could my little itty bitty harmless sock knitting needles be dangerous? I could even use my addi turbos - we all know how dull they are..... So maybe a poorly spun wool might get split once in a while.... but no one has ever gotten hurt by knitting needles.... maybe offended by profanities when I am trying out a new pattern - but a plain ole scarf? an itty bitty bit of entrelac never hurt anyone....right?

Are you kidding me? Yes - it was a day where I would be PAID to sit and knit. It even rhymes!! you think that if the needles are wood I might be ok? I will be calling the Courthouse tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed .....

What will I DO?!?

If I can take knitting needles on a plane...why not into court?

what do y'all think?


janna said...

That's just not right!! It's Bexar County, right, not federal court? Because I'm already worrying about what Johnson County, Iowa, has to say on this matter...

Kim said...

Ok, I looked forward to jury duty too. I remember taking a book and thinking it is just too hard to read and listen to all the conversations around me - much easier with knitting!

Enid said...

That's what I was thinking. You can knit on plains now, why not their. I think the laws are too antiquated and they haven't bothered to revise them.