Friday, July 06, 2007

Bear-ly Alive

Well, you would think I would know better than to mow my own lawn...what with all the mold and I was mowing, I noticed how many mushrooms were growing under the knee high grass as I plowed it down (ok - it was only shin-high in some places...but being only 5'1", on a good day, it is plausible).

Well, needless to say, Sunday night I was starting to get stuffy. Monday I was having a hard time breathing. By Tues, I had to call my dr and see if they could send drugs. Weds - Fri - passed in a drug-enduced stupor. (Granted, I did watch a few fireworks on TV from NY...then spent a few hours in the office today...) but most of the time, I was fighting whooping-cough-like spasms. So bad that I could not knit. Kept dropping stitches.

Speaking of stitches, I had these five pieces of stitched material mocking me every time I crawled into the den. They kept saying, please...put me together.

Well tonight I succumbed to the call of the wild. I put my first bear together. While I was not feeling up to grabbing the camera, my new little guy convinced me to leverage my photo booth.

Ain't he the cutest? I am thinking he needs some clothes...

Tigger, my little one, decided she
wanted to get in on the action too.


Amysatx said...

Your bear is sooo cute! Love him!!!

janna said...

Cute bear! And cute Tigger, too!

Michelle said...

I love the pics! Y'all so cute!