Sunday, July 15, 2007

Road Trip and Ravelry

Today a bunch of us decided that it was time to have a knit and bitch gathering outside of town. Two of our group's members live quite a distance away - Betsy and if they couldn't come to us, we went to them....and a great time had by all! For those who were there with us in spirit, here is the group pic!

A shout out of thanks to Wendy, who drove all of us (Michelle, Chris, Amy, Claudine and me) up in her van! We all were wowed by how spacious and comfy it was!

Once we got to their town, we stopped at Betsy's coffee shop - where everyone had yummy drinks, snacks and pannini's! We took over the back room and sat, chatted and knitted (of course!). Many thanks to Betsy for staying open for the group! Everyone loved the cafe!!

We had a special guest - Janna!!!

She recently moved to Iowa City (boo hoo) but was in town visiting this weekend (Yea!!). See that pink think in the lower right corner? That is my knitting needle cord. I was using my old camera and Michelle's KnitPick's options - and well, they were not cooperating.

We all wished that Susan, Kim and Eileen could have been sitting next to us knitting, but they were there with us in spirit! (And Eileen - we were bummed to hear you were waiting for us at Candlelight - I wish you had called - we would have gone by to see you!!)

Every single one of us was either working on circulars or on a project that was circular....Michelle had her sumptuous cashmere long gloves; Wendy was working on her moebius; Amy was working on a blanket; Enid, Janna, Claude and Chris were working on socks. Me?


I decided to take a short break from knitting bears to do something I have been dreading for a year...well, not dreading. I was really nervous to try the clapotis from Knitty. And after some badgering, teasing and double dog dares from Michelle, I decided to cast on and do it. Yeah, I know it is not much yet - but it is on the needles!!!

Needles - Michelle's Knitpics convertibles US8
Yarn - Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb, Color: Watercolors
(yeah - pricey yarn, I bought it over a year ago when I did not know too much about
substituting yarns and ignoring what yarns a pattern calls for....hey - I was a new
knitter, not savvy to the world of yarn... but boy is it yummy yarn!)

I also did a bit of work on the market bag too.

Needless to say, a great time was had by all... and not too many coughs were had by me!

OH!... I almost forgot. Here is where I am on Ravelry....
  • You signed up on July 8, 2007
  • You are #14975 on the list.
  • 9156 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 1756 people are behind you in line.
  • 33% of the list has been invited so far

Photo by squirrel cottage

Have a super week!


Amysatx said...

Great recap post! Now I need to go find out where I am in the Ravelry line!! I can't believe we missed Eileen!! Clappy looks great so far!!!

Susan said...

I love the group pic and am thrilled that y'all went out there! I'm sad I wasn't there, though. Looks like y'all had a great time!

coastergirl said...

you were there in spirit!!!

Michelle said...

It was a blast! Wendy's van sure was comfy and the company was the best!

Your Crapotis is looking great. Aren't you glad I'm a pushy broad?