Saturday, July 28, 2007

These boots are made for Rockin!

WOW! I am pretty close to speechless! Amy bestowed the Rockin Girl Blogger award upon little ole' me!

She showered kudos on me not only for my un-bear-ably cute critters I am knittin now-adays (and no, Buffy is not totally finished yet) but also for my cool demolition / remodeling work and my world famous marriage proposal brownies! [and yes, I am still accepting applications - a proposal from 'Mr Right' has not come my way.... and a lady does not talk about propositions from 'Mr Right-now' or 'Mr Wrong'...but I digress...]. Amy - thanks for the honor....I know the recipe for the meatballs and sauce didn't hurt either!


Now on to my naming 5 gals who are rockin' my socks off with their blogs...

Janna has a great combo of knitting and kitties - and who is a recent transplant from SA to Iowa City - and we miss her terribly! She was here a few weeks ago and it was great to see her in person - but her blog makes it seem like we are sitting at Candlelight talking over coffee and knittin'.

Michelle has a combo of knittin' and non-knittin topics! ..and it is always interesting and fun!

Melanie's blog is always a treat - a mix of sox, spinnin and great causes! I discovered the info on mystery stole 3 a bit too late, but next time..I'm IN! In the meantime, I'm saving my pennies to get her pattern for the beauuuutifu Hanami Stole.... (yes - I am coveting and ready to knit lace again!!!!)

Cara's blog - January One - is always a feast for my eyes..full of color, texture and images. Whether it is looking at the nifty sox she is working on, the gorgeous pictures of yarn or pictures of flowers and nature - it is always one of my favorite stops on the laptop! I am still deciding if I like the countdown of days till 1/1 or not - nice to know how long, but the year is slipping by so quickly - it makes me stop and think....not necessarily a bad thing.

Last, but most certainly not least....Courtney's Yarn Tootin' is a melange of some of my favorite things - Music, yarn, muppets,, yarn, knitting...grey's anatomy, more music and still more yarn.

I would be most remiss if I did not mention that Amy and Susan are in my top blogs...and since they are already rockin' girl bloggers, I decided to tip my hat in their direction and concur with those who already bestowed the honor on them!

Those of you whom I have listed - please go forth and list 5 who are rocking your bloggy world! I look forward to seeing who you pick!

knit on! (pics coming soon of Stitches and his new mom...and progress on clapotis!)


Courtney said...

Thanks for naming me as a RGB! I miss seeing you and all of the SA gals at Candelight. I'll be back in the middle of August and I look forward to seeing y'all then.

Cara said...

Thank you! And thanks for reading my blog!

Susan said...

Thanks for the shout out, babe!!

Amysatx said...

Great list! It's fun finding new blogs to read!

Michelle said...

Ah, shucks...Thanks!