Sunday, December 02, 2007

Eye candy on Sunday.... off to see the wizard

Despite a mild case of food poisoning - I had a quiet evening tonight - knitted objects to be shared later this week - started a quick giftie for a friend moving to Oregon...sniff...

Anyhoo - check out the eye candy I watched from the sickbed....

Tin Man, based on L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a sci-fi channel mini series launched tonight at 9pm EST/8pm CST. All the parts and pieces from the original story that you know by heart are here, but everything has been ‘updated’ in a way. You’ve still got the Wizard, played by Richard Dreyfus, who appears to be outcast or captured in some manner. The scarecrow (Glitch) is back, played by Alan Cumming, but as a man looking for the other half of his brain which was removed. You also have the Tin Man (hence the title - named Cain)- played by Neil Mc Donough. Dorothy, played by Zooey Deschanel, now goes by DG as she looks for the ‘brick route’. And 90210 fans will be happy to see Kathleen Robertson in the role of the Wicked Witch - Azkedellia. Okay, you get the point. Watch it! Two more installments Monday and Tues night!

Check out the trailer below and some mini-infomercials - then tune in for the replay of part one tomorrow night at 7pmEST/6pm CST on the Sci Fi Channel (Part Two follows immediately after). Have fun!

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Enid said...

OH no! sick? I hope you are feeling better.

That looks like a pretty interesting show.