Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Toto...We're not in Texas anymore.....

I must have been really, REALLY good this year in Santa's eyes.... I got my Christmas wish extra early!!!


People told me yesterday afternoon it would not happen...hmmmm

Here is what I had at 5pm....

And here is what I had when I got up this morning - I woke at 720am to the sound of snowplows - I forgot to close the window last night...it was chilly in the room! But I got over the crankiness of being awoken so horribly by the plows when I saw the white fluffy goodness -

You cannot see the waves and waves of snow pouring down....but they are there!

And remember my new hat I knit.....left it on the balcony railing for 15 seconds... and got this!!!

Needless to say - I am not in Texas - I am on vacation!!!

Gotta go play more in the snow - more tomorrow - maybe - loading these photos took freakin forever on the wireless connection in the lobby of my timeshare...no promises.....

Forecast is for 4-6 more inches of snow tonight. Snow. Glorious snow.

Think Santa is gonna get me a tripod tomorrow too!!!! Whoo Hoo!

Have a good week if I cannot get loaded - I will post this weekend!


Enid said...

Pretty pictures!! Thanks for sharing. Have lots of fun!!

Susan said...

Oooh. Beautiful pictures. I'm totally jealous.

Bezzie said...

Ohhhh yeaaahhhhh...I'm so jealous! And I'm not even in TX anymore! :-(

Mrs. G. said...

Those are some beautiful fat snowflakes. I hope you had some fun.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to coming back to yours. I just can't seem to stay away from Texan women bloggers! There are so many good ones.