Saturday, January 12, 2008

I will not be discouraged

That is one thing I will focus on this year....

I was giddy that I almost finished a new project in one week already this year - I cast on for the Crapotis Hat...and I think I jinxed it with the nickname... I quickly tore through the body of the cap - quite a quick knit when I put my mind to it.....especially after knitting the Crapotis itself.

Anyhoo - I got the body finished yesterday, dropped the stitches and stitched up the two ends together. I even got the ladders to match!! (all this while on the plane home yesterday from business trip to snow...only cool temps and rain...)

Then the moment of truth - I pulled it on my head...and it slunk over the forehead.

hmmm...not sure what the fate will be of this wip. All I know is that it has gone into hibernation for now and I am thinking about casting on my candleflame shawl.

Waiting for a friend to arrive - moving from Kansas City MO and is driving in as I type this....Last update was from outside Oklahoma City.

More later -

Knit on~


Bezzie said...

No pics? Hm you're brave to even mention it. I try not to mention my not so great knits in blogland--hee hee! Well unless it's really bad to the point it's funny.

Claude said...

What a bummer - no snow & a crappy fitting hat! What are you using for the shawl?

coastergirl said...

The shawl will out of Malabrigo in Verde Adriana (color 117). I will try to post pics tomorrow...doing work tonight - might cast on later...hmmm I also think I need to post pics of my first knitting failure...