Monday, July 10, 2006

Hot off the needles...and have you seen my little lambz?

Hot off the needles - it is the new scarf/belt/wall decor item! Made with less than one skein of my nifty Squiggle yarn by Crystal Palace. Color used was Firecracker, needles US15, CO 12, knit till ya can't knit no more, BO.

Here it is artistically arranged in a cool spiral pattern - wouldn't it be cool on a wall? ( is a belt and scarf. gonna go wash a blouse so I can wear it tomorrow!)

Here is the close-up. You can see that it is really a warped version of stringy dental floss with fuzzy bits added into it at different points to make life interesting and knitting it just lovely (read sarcasm here).

And here are my little lambz - ok two of the three. Amber is the one on the right. She is the smallest of the crew - 4lbs dripping wet - and the oldest. She is the shepherd of the flock - keeping us all in line. Tigger - aka ratdog - is on the left, and is also the victim of a kind-hearted haircut gone awry. She gets sooo hot in the summer, I decided to shave her down. I do all their grooming myself - who knew that under all that hair was a little rat! Anyhoo - they are great with not touching yarn. or FO's. I love them little lambz!!

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