Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Knitters A-NONI-mous

Bwah-hah hah - Ok - so it is only funny to me.
That's what happens after 5hrs, 45 min at the drs office in one day.
No fun...but lots-o-knitting goin on!

Here are the pics of my NONI bag in progress.

Here is the body of the bag - almost done - 14 stripes and working on the bottom of the bag with my new rosewood dpns.

Voila!! The bottom of the bag is done! I love the effect of tying off the last stitches in the center! The rows look really even - not too shabby.

The first petal of many - done!

The first flower done! I increased the center bobble by two rows - I think I will inrease the # of stitches across from 6 to 8 and increase the # of rows by 2 for the pink flower.

Started this at 1pm today sitting in my two dr's office waiting rooms - cranked through all the petals on the needle by 4:30. At least all the waiting time was useful!

More to come as the bag progresses - next - finish the pink flower and quickly knit up a swatch of the cascade 220 with Crystal Palace squiggle worked in to test feltability.

Feltability - is that a real word?


Zonda said...

Oh very nice!! Love the colors! Nice looking dpns btw!

Anonymous said...

That is funny :). The colors are stunning!!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.