Monday, July 03, 2006

Its realllllly late

ok - so everyone was right - this blogging thing sucked me in and it is now 2am, but the blog is completed!!

What's on the needles tonight?

The infamous moebius is almost off the needles at this point! The applied i-cord is 1/2 done as you can see here! I really hope to have this completed by tomorrow night.


Wendy said...

Gorgeous darlink!
-Wendy from SA SnB

Kim said...

Congrats on entering blogland. The moebius looks great!

Amysatx said...

The colors are so pretty. Good luck on binding that sucker off :-)
Welcome to blogland! Now that means I actually need to post something on my blog about knitting.

janna said...

hee, hee! welcome to the dark side! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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