Monday, November 19, 2007

Amazing Coffee Swap Batman!!


My secret pal Rachel TOTALLY spoiled me!! I cannot believe how amazing the box of goodies I got tonight were - I have enjoyed talking with her and getting to know her through emails and her blog - well - she REALLY got to know me....

I opened my box and the first thing I see.... This amazing little sheep! ITS A BUTTON - his legs move too!!! Too cute!

Then the warning not to read further if I like surprises - so the card gets placed to the side for now...

The top package is carefully unwrapped to uncover a hand-crocheted mini wall hanging - of a sheep!! And it is softer than you can imagine! I thought it looked familiar - it is from the new Knit Simple magazine - one of the panels of this amazing afghan (which I did covet from afar... who knew I would get my own little lamb?) I adore her! And she is perfect...
(I have the issue of KS Rachel...thanks for thinking of me! )

The box is still chock-full-o-goodies as you can see -

And the little gauze bag catches my attention next - WOW - stitchmarkers

...and HOMEMADE Ginger Snaps!!!!!!!! (with the little sheep button lurking...) I cannot wait to try the cookies - probably Weds am to celebrate the start of my vacation!! They smell delish!

A matches the sage color in my den!!

Yummy coffee comes next! (The little button sheep is hanging out with all the goodies)

Then - magnets for my fridge - not just any magnets -- but magnets of MY ARTWORK!(and the Coffee Swap 3 Logos!)! Are you kidding me? How cool is that? I LOVE IT!!! - and nifty stripey magnet/memo pad for the fridge too!

MORE handmade goodies - coasters that match the sage of my den PERFECTLY!! and a scrapbook to log some memories and a little Tinker Bell bag (how the heck did she know)!

And in the Tink bag....CHOCOLATE~~~ need I say more?

And last, but most certainly not least by any stretch of the mind...some gorgeous alpaca silk blend in a solid and a variegated (Rachel noticed almost everything I have done is variegated) and an equally gorgeous skein of wool - with a pattern for felted coffee cozies....hmmmmm

Rachel - I cannot thank you enough - I can only hope that you will enjoy the goodies I got for you even half as much as I like my goodies! I can honestly share that I am thankful for my new friend who spent alot of time and thought on this!

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