Saturday, November 24, 2007


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I had a total BLAST playing monopoly tonight ... When was the last time you played a board game with friends???

I dare you.

I double dog dare you!

It was way too much fun!

p.s. Enid is a total Monopoly SHARK!!! The gauntlet has been thrown - I know I can take her at UNO.....hmmmm heh heh heh


Enid said...

Bring IT!! heehee.
I had a great time too. I'm glad you came over.

Bezzie said...

Does Twister count? Which is so NOT fun to play with a flexible little kid.

Wendy, the knit'n guru said...

Wow! I played Monopoly with my kids last night. Actually, we have a marathon game going, which started on Friday afternoon. The 11 year old is ruling the board right now. Hopefully, I'll get my railroads out of hock tonight.