Friday, November 30, 2007


Have you ever had one of those weeks when you think WOW - at the end.

Not mentioning details - but this was one week I started at one end of the emotional spectrum - and ended it at the other end.

It was a crazy-busy week - 12 - 14 hour days at the office - man was it worth it!

This weekend will be my reward for a week well spent. Have my eye on two things on Eb*y - one for me, one for a holiday gift - wish me luck - I love the hunt!!! 3hr 38 min left for my item....15hr 55min left on the gift....ooh - I cannot stand it -

Gotta run - House calls!


Bezzie said...

Good luck! I hate ebay bidding wars--I suck at them!!

Amysatx said...

oooo..Good luck with the Ebay thing! I hate getting sniped though!!!