Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nice mindless day...

Today was a good day -

Spent time with the 'rents with mom - yarn, bread, pastries, more yarn...followed by brunner (combo of brunch and dinner) of french toast (made with fresh sourdough bread bought earlier in the day....from Panera, of course)....then some quality time with Michelle - more shopping...catching up on tv and other stuff...and knitting!!

Cannot wait to finish my new project - yes I cast on something new - but with the really cold weather - I discovered that the attire I own for my head is lacking.....and the sweater I was working on may not fit pretty soon - so it will most likely get frogged later this week..then re-cast on (is that a word?).

Anyhoo - nice relaxing day - looking forward to tomorrow....who knows what will happen...hmmm

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