Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday faves

Amy asked on her post today - what are some of our fave holiday ads and movies - here goes:

All time fave movie - The Bishop's Wife. Cary Grant, David Niven, Loretta Young, Monty Wooley and James Gleason. Cary Grant plays an angel sent to help David Niven's character find guidance he needs - and it isn't necessarily the guidance he is hoping for.... bad angel...all I have to say. You may have seen the remake - The Preacher's Wife - with Denzel and Whitney - a good flick - just not better than the original....

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Another good holiday movie is A Charlie Brown Christmas - the music and characters always make me smile - I even have the soundtrack!

Another one on my list...The Muppet Christmas Carol - CLASSIC!


And one my friend Bob (vacation buddy earlier this year) helped me add to the list - Die Hard. It IS a Christmas time movie, after all!!!

There you have some of my faves - yeah - White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Miracle on 34th, Nightmare Before Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are all on the list....just not the top 4.

Well- there is one more series to add to the list - The Lord of the Rings trilogy!! Every Christmas morning - Bob and I would get up early and be there when the theaters opened...while others were at services, Bob and I (and a few other regulars) would be at the theater celebrating the holiday together - then going home to start the preparations of our roast beast. To this day - I never get tired of watching any of these movies... I miss the anticipation and excitement of getting a new installment of the series each Christmas. ...and I miss Bob.



Bezzie said...

Oh ho, so it was YOU I was serving popcorn to as a teenager on Christmas morning! ;-)

I haven't seen some of those--the Bishop's Wife. I'll bet that's better than the Preacher's Wife. I'm not a big Whitney fan.

Amysatx said...

Great list! More movies for me to check out! Sounds like a day of movie watching and knitting it in order!

janna said...

You're right -- the Bishop's Wife is great! I'd forgotten all about it....

Juanita said...

The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of my favorites and a Christmas morning tradition. : )