Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friday Eye Candy - & - "It's a Dry Heat"...yeah right.

Lets start with the Eye Candy....before and after versions!


The locale is Joe's Real BBQ in Gilbert, AZ. They make HOMEMADE rootbeer! 3 glasses were consumed by yours truly. Brisket with mac and cheese. The potatoes were sacrificed to the hunger of my pottery buddy Cindy who I had not seen in at least 5 years. And the food at Joe's was FABULOUS! Snaps out to my cousin Lee and family - they treated us to dinner!

The evening was cool because it was like Cindy and I had seen each other just yesterday. We were up alll night talking - only after she took me for some evil gelato - pics to follow once I get home.

And what is this crap about it being a dry heat? My skin cannot take it - I had my hand split open this morning and started bleeding. FOR NO GOOD REASON!!!! I have been drinking water faster than I can...well, you know...(sorry tmi) and slathering on lotion - but noooo. I still have my skin split on me. Time for me to split this dry town and get back to some humidity!! It's November for $#$*# sake - and it is over 90 degrees. And these weirdos are puttin on sweaters - what is up with that? There is something wrong with the water if you ask me. They are giddy with this 'fall' weather. BAH. BYE. I am taking my yarn and going home.

Talk to y'all tomorrow. From TX!!!


Amysatx said...

mmmm...homeade rootbeer is the best! Sounds like you had a nice trip!!

Michelle said...

*drool* That looked yummier than In 'n Out, which I didn't think was possible.

Over 90?! I guess this means you didn't need your Clapotis!

Enid said...

yeay!! you're coming home.

I hope you have/had a safe flight.

That root beer does sound good.

janna said...

I don't like root beer, but homemade might be good! And I hate dry heat, too - give me some humidity!