Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fiber, Fest & Flavor! Pt 3 of 3!!

As promised - more pics from this weekend.

When I last saw you, dear reader, I was telling you about all the fab people who were at the Kid N Ewe event. You have seen the spoils of my plundering....what is left?

Ahh...fret not - there is still more - the weekend was filled with fun...

Sunday I went to Wurstfest in New Braunfels. There was singing, dancing, music and food!

The singing was by the New Braunfels Kinderchor - (you thought it was me?)

Dancing was done by the Kinder Tanzer (again - not me!)

Music was by The New Braunfels Village Brass Band (they were amazing!!)...

and what would a German Wurstfest be without accordion music??? And lots of oma's and opa's singing and drinking beer?

And some spectacular curly spinny things....

And the food was great - no pics - sorry - but the funnel cake, wurst and beer rocked! I had a blast! The company was not bad either!

More pics tomorrow of some of the more artistic views from Kid N Ewe.

And my box for my coffee swap partner goes out in the post in the am!


Enid said...

aw those little girls are so cute.

James said...

Well, I'm glad you liked the company! It was an immensely enjoyable day.