Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fiber, Fest & Flavor! Pt 2 of 3!!

As promised - pics of all the people at Kid N Ewe!

Chris petting yarn at Amanda's shop - boy is she happy!

Amanda, me, David and Chris!

Brenda as she is arriving to bldg 2!

Jodi and Linda (Janna's Sis) with Starbucks in Hand!!

Amanda and Kim - all smiles!

Juanita as she shops Amanda's booth.

Amy and David - Amy was taking a brief retail therapy break and David was secretly celebrating his birth-anniversary!

Nhel was spotted on Friday and Saturday!


Enid said...

Shiny happy people holding...yaaaarnn

sorry I couldn't help it. lol

Amysatx said...

What great pics!